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Edmonton in Our Own Words

Posted here on October 13, 2009

Cover for Edmonton in Our Own Words

By Linda Goyette and Carolina Jakeway Roemmich
$49.95CDN | $49.95US
8 1/2” x 11”
September 2004

Linda Goyette and Carolina Roemmich have tapped Edmonton’s collective memoir through the written record, the spoken stories, and the vast silences. All of the people who ever lived at this bend in the North Saskatchewan took part in creating the city we know as Edmonton. Citizens with diverse viewpoints speak for themselves, describing important events in Edmonton’s social, political, and economic development. They have plenty to tell us.


Alberta Book Awards, Grant MacEwan Author’s Award

Alberta Book Awards, 2005 Trade Non-Fiction Book of the Year


“Applause greets the announcement that Goyette has won the $25,000 Grant MacEwan Writing Award—which she shared with researcher Carolina Jakeway Roemmich—for the book which draws on the voices of countless Albertans to create a multi-layered account of the province’s capital over many centuries.”
Legacy Magazine, Fall 2005

“Linda Goyette’s writing has always suggested that for those of us living in this geography called Canada, it is crucial to make ourselves visible to ach other. Goyette has been busy collecting stories from a wide variety of people in Edmonton and every small corner of Alberta. They have come together in three narrative histories that give the stage to voices often excluded from our collective sense of identity, [including] Edmonton In Our Own Words…”
Thea Bowering, SEE magazine, October 13-19, 2005

“Goyette…came away with the $25,000 [Grant MacEwan Authors’ Award] award, for Edmonton In Our Own Words, a massive compilation of Edmonton stories from hundreds of contributors.”
Allison Kydd, SEE Magazine, May 12-18/05

“A bestseller when it was released in celebration of the city’s centennial, Linda Goyette’s daring exploration of the city’s colourful past is now available in trade-size paperback. A remarkable piece of historical research and writing, the book recently earned Goyette the Grant MacEwan Award, the province’s most lucrative and prestigious literary prize. As in all good histories, Goyette and her research assistant Carolina Jakeway Roemmich take their readers back in time through the words and stories of people who have come before us. More importantly, she gives voice to those who have been unfortunately overlooked in other, more conventional popular histories.”
Marc Horton, Edmonton Journal

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