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Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids

Posted here on December 3, 2009

Cover for Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids

Written by Linda Goyette
Juvenille non-fiction · b & w illustrations
0-9732481-7-3 / 978-0-973248-17-3
$9.95 CDN / $6.95 US
5.5 × 8.5 pb, 128 pages
September 2004

Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids is a lively illustrated book for young readers that relates the city’s history entirely from the point of view of real children who have lived there over time.

Using the techniques of fiction to bring true stories to life, the book embraces all of Edmonton’s children: aboriginal, immigrant, inner-city and suburban, challenged and privileged, born in Edmonton and recently arrived. A timeline, glossary, and suggestions for more reading and city exploring are also included. This chapter book has been written specifically for eight- and nine-year-olds who often encounter Alberta’s history for the first time in Grade Four. Full of fresh, vivid writing—and humour—it will be a pleasure to read in the classroom or at home. Kidmonton tells the city’s story to its youngest citizens in a bold, new way.

Kidmonton is part of the Edmonton: A City Called Home project, the education project for the city’s centennial in 2004.

Edmonton: a City Called Home

Linda Goyette has been searching for the overlooked stories of Edmonton’s citizens for the past two years—with a special interest in children’s eyewitness stories.

Working from an office at the Edmonton Public Library, where she was writer in residence in 2003–2004, she and researcher Carolina Roemmich have searched through Alberta’s archives for forgotten letters, diaries and unpublished memoirs. They have encouraged Edmonton’s citizens to add their own written and spoken stories to the historical record, assembling a new collection for the City of Edmonton Archives.

Linda’s book for adults, Edmonton In Our Own Words, was published by the University of Alberta Press in May 2005. Hundreds of other citizens’ stories and family photographs in the collection will be published on a new urban history web site co-hosted by the Edmonton Public Library and the University of Alberta Libraries. The site will include interactive games, maps and timelines for the city’s children—and more stories.

This book is printed on ancient forest-friendly paper.

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